Uncovering the history of the other half of the world’s population is more important today than ever.
As the women’s movement gains momentum, an even greater force is pushing back – an external and internal bias so deep seated it continues to shake the very foundations we stand on.


An unapologetic telling of the history of the oppression of women, created to help us better understand the cause and effect of where we came from and apply it to where we are going today.
Currently an online museum, the Women’s Freedom Museum is in the process of developing a 5,000 square foot, interactive, touring exhibition later this year.


It’s undeniable how sparsely women are represented in any museum. And when woman’s history is told, it is merely an aside to the history of men.

In fact the one museum that had promise to be more comprehensive, The Women’s History Museum in Washington DC, has been trying to break ground for over 19 years now – its progress repeatedly derailed by cultural politics and polarization.

Detractors want it to be polite, to avoid anything questionable or indecent, to be a “good girl.” It suffers, in fact, from being female.

This will not be easy. Some issues will be controversial. Like reproductive rights, breasts, breast feeding, feminine hygiene, what we wear, what we don’t wear, what we are paid, our rights in marriage, our role in war, women in sports, women in politics, women who stay home, women who work, the list goes on, and on and on.


The Women’s Freedom Museum will bare it all in hopes that staring straight in the eyes of what divides us will eventually bring us together. Just as we are pushing back on cultural traditions, the Women’s Freedom Museum will not present itself as a traditional museum, but a museum as impassioned and as expressive as the women it represents.

Through the voices of countless influential woman from all walks of life, the museum will illuminate the issues women have been facing for  centuries and, for the most part, are still facing today.

The Women’s Freedom Museum is a work in progress. Check back often, as we are filling in gaps as we go.
If you have something to contribute please contact us.
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